Written by Levi Rinkoff

TIBA Launches Mobile Validation

Atlanta GA, October 8, 2016

TIBA Mobile Validation is the most recent product to help customers maximize productivity, simplify business processes and create revenue. As with all of TIBA’s products, TIBA’s Mobile Validation is designed for ultimate user experience. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store or Google Play and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Now, operators can add merchants directly to the management system in just minutes and merchants are not required specialized web access to validate customers’ parking tickets.

After downloading TIBA’s Mobile Validation App, merchants can validate directly and simply from their mobile phone or tablet.

With this easy to use app the user taps the QR icon to start scanning the ticket. Once the ticket’s QR code is scanned, the app identifies the ticket’s facility and brings up a list of validations authorized for that customer.

When the discount type is selected, the discount is applied in real time to the ticket. All TIBA PARCS devices recognize the validation, calculate the new parking fee and update the ticket balance accordingly.

TIBA’s Mobile Validation supports validations to multiple facilities from a single device.

Mobile Validation is fully integrated with TIBA’s SmartPark, giving operators full control and visibility over all activities.

  • Reporting for individual businesses
  • Validations applied directly to the patron’s entry ticket to be used at the exit
  • Customized validations for multi-tenant/ multi-store facilities
  • Single or multi validation can be applied per ticket
  • Consolidated reporting for superior control

TIBA Parking

TIBA Parking is a global market leader providing innovative parking solutions that are geared to help operators monetize their parking assets.  Customers from diverse industries, such  as Airports, Universities, Shopping Centers, Municipalities, Medical Centers, among others can benefit from a wide range of solutions that are built with exceptional and intuitive design and craftmanship. TIBA parking is focused on clients’ efficiency and profitability, maximizing ROI in less time. TIBA’s extensive dealer network serves the US and Canadian markets, Australia, Europe Africa and Asia. For more information about TIBA Parking Systems, please visit the company’s website.

Press Contact:
Debbie Schuval
TIBA Parking


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