Written by Rony Homossany

What features should a PARCS have for the Hospitality Operators?

Hotel room keys with parking privileges

The flourishing hospitality industry has only just recently started to deploy modern parking technology to help ensure the quality of the guest experience as well as to generate business benefits from parking facility assets.

This raises unique opportunities and challenges.  As a Hotel Operator, your primary need is a reliable and agile Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) that easily integrates with your Property Management System (PMS). And a PARCS solution also agile enough to grant your existing room keys (whether mag-strip or MiFare RFID) self-parking, in/out access privileges in the hotel’s parking facility.

Efficient Management

With an efficient PARCS, at check in, self-parking privileges can be added to a guest’s folio enabling in/out self-parking access for guests using their room keys. Parking fees can be payable at garage lane exits, lobby payment kiosks or as guest room charges. License Plate Recognition (LPR) can optionally be added to speed lane transactions as well as to identify abuse or misuse by pairing vehicle ID numbers to hotel room keys.

Agile integration

Many different PMS platforms are in use today. In large hotel chains Agilsys, Marriott, Galaxy LightSpeed and Opera/MICROS/Oracle are among the most widely deployed. In smaller hotels, a host of third-party brands exist. So, any PARCS solution must be sufficiently agile to integrate with any installed PMS. But today, a PARCS must also have the required agility to integrate with loyalty programs as ‘Total Rewards’, valet parking systems such as ‘CVPS’, resort timeshares like ‘Hilton Grand Vacations’ and even government agencies like the ‘Nevada ‘Department of Motor Vehicles’.

The ‘Right’ PARCS

The ‘Right’ PARCS solution must be able to holistically fuse today’s world of business and operation applications into a single integrated parking solution. The ‘Right’ PARCS must be agile and adaptable as you expand operations. The ‘Right’ PARCS also needs to be efficient, keeping the cost of ownership to a minimum; and above all else, the ‘Right’ PARCS must be simple for both your guests and hotel personnel.

TIBA’s HotelConnect is that ‘Right’ PARCS for today. HotelConnect offers easy, secure and fast integration with practically any PMS, and a wide range of business and operations hospitality applications.

HotelConnect can help generate ongoing, real revenue for you the hotel operator, and at the same time deliver a more positive experience to your guests. HotelConnect can also help reduce operating costs in addition to increasing the financial returns of your facility’s parking space assets.

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