At a place as busy as an airport, expedient and hassle-free parking are of utmost importance. Thanks to TIBA’s ultra-convenient and intelligent parking for airports solutions, customers can breeze through the airport’s parking facility and head swiftly for check-in. Your parking facility is the start of your customer’s travel, and a smooth experience from TIBA’s parking system goes a long way.

The numerous car parks, thousands of commercial vehicles, high volume of entry/exits require a versatile and efficient system capable of these demands. TIBA provides solutions needed. TIBA’s advanced technology processes tickets quickly, reducing lines and waits for entering and exiting cars.

TIBA’s airport solution has low pricing over the life of the equipment. With state of the art equipment and scalable software, TIBA provides an intelligent and flexible central management system user friendly interface, third party integration solutions and security/fraud protection

TIBA’s automation systems can process multitudes of ticket rates and produce reports from many different angles. Automated ticketing, payment, and validation reduce labor costs by up to 25%.

For the airport sector TIBA offers:

  • Flexible and variable parking cost structure
  • Parking Guidance with enforcement and alerts
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Gateless employee nesting
  • Rental Car module
  • Valet module