At TIBA, our approach to this market vertical is simple. To provide effective revenue control solutions to owners and management companies with little or no impact to a positive guest experience. We cover the entire spectrum of hotel properties from large and medium sized hotel brands to small boutique clients. TIBA provides integrated solutions for all aspects of hotel parking including; overnight guest self-parking, visitor self-parking, event self-parking, vendor self-parking, overnight valet, visitor valet, event valet, park-&-fly and employee parking. Smart technology solutions, effective revenue management and positive guest experience.

With TIBA’s Hotel PMS solution, the hotel front desk employee can bill parking charges to the guest’s room folio and activate parking for the duration of their stay in one simple step. After the charge is added, the guest can then enter and exit with their room key for the remainder of their stay. If the guest did not have parking charges added to their folio, their room key will NOT allow access in or out of the facility. This is a convenient solution for the guest to access parking and offers tight controls to ensure that the guest pays all parking charges. The system has built in procedures for lost room keys and other exceptions. The PMS system will include a consolidated report of parking charges that will correspond to the same report in the TIBA Parking Management System. Additionally the TIBA system will provide hotel guest activity reports.

TIBA currently has PMS interfaces with three of the four the major hotel brands. For the smaller and independent hotels that use a third party PMS system, TIBA has a stand-alone room key encoding solution. After the guest completes the check-in process through the PMS, the front desk person inserts the room key into a separate encoder for parking. The guest’s room key may be used to enter and exit the facility. A report of encoded keys, activity, charges and exceptions is available from the TIBA Parking Management System. This is an effective solution that allows convenient guest access and controls parking revenues. Hotel properties always have a need to accommodate visitors to special events such as weddings, banquets, conferences and group meetings.

TIBA offers a wide range of parking validation solutions for fast and convenient access to the hotel property. For example the hotel could offer pre-sold barcode labels that could be applied to a parking ticket or a simple eValidations through the internet by entering a ticket # or scanning it. Any type of validation can be programmed to reduce for all or any part of the parking charge and limited by time and date range. All of TIBA’s validation solutions are reported and auditable within the Parking Management System. All of the validation charges can be tracked and billed to a specific event. TIBA’s simple modular equipment design requires only a single device in the entrance or exit lane. This avoids confusion for visitors and guests to the hotel. The entry/exit device can accommodate visitors (ticketholders), hotel guests, valets and employees. We also provide all types of parking modes; “pay-at-exit with a cashier”, “automated pay-on-foot”, “automated pay-in-lane”, and central cashiering.