Municipalities continuously seek solutions to aid efficiency and eliminate congestion while meeting the needs of their many citizens. The sheer amount of parking facilities in any single city serves a challenge for municipalities hoping to maximize convenience and internal reporting and monitoring. TIBA provides the most up to date technology and payment options such as credit card, mobile pay services and pay by phone allowing for more revenue tracking and monitoring. TIBA’s highly reliable and robust system is scalable to support hundreds of facilities, and is flexible to provide the best service for your entire city.

The newest technologies integrate into TIBA’s revenue control system to accommodate modern conveniences such as e-reservation systems and mobile pay. With TIBA’s municipalities can manage and track revenue the entire parking ecosystem in a single system.

TIBA’s software is flexible and easily integrates with third party solutions. Currently available are integrations with mobile applications in hundreds of cities to help direct drivers to available spaces, reducing emissions and congestion.