Cash Acceptance, cash handling, bill recycling and dispensing

Bank card

  • EMV
  • Traditional Credit Card
  • PCI

Web Reservations 

Web Reservations is one of the fastest growing programs in the industry. Whether you use a pre-paid service or have your own ecommerce website, TIBA can seamlessly integrate pre-paid web reservations with a single TIBA PARCS system location or an entire city.

Pay by mobile

Metropolitan areas throughout North America are introducing Pay-By-Mobile as a payment option for parking fees. The system works by pre-paid reservation or a central payment option.


TIBA SmartPark offers a wide range of intelligent validation solutions. In SmartPark, merchant accounts and sub-accounts are created in the database. An unlimited amount of merchant accounts can be created in SmartPark.

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Desktop Validation Unit

The DV-30 Desktop Validation Unit is an intelligent parking ticket validation device. The DV-30 unit allows the merchant to validate the parking ticket with a variety of rates and validation types. Modular and compact, this Desktop Validation Unit is perfect for merchants of all types.

Desktop Stand Alone Validation unit

This stand-alone Desktop Validation Unit is an intelligent parking ticket validation device for remote use by merchants, theaters, offices- anyone who wants to offer a discount to their customers for shopping with them. 

Self Scan Validation Unit

The CV-30 Wall mount validation unit is an intelligent parking ticket validation device. It allows the customer to scan their parking ticket to get it validated.

Smart Validation Stickers

TIBA Parking offers the best solution in the parking industry for parking ticket validation. Barcode based validation labels are created on-the-fly using the parking management software.

iValidation – Mobile Validation app.

Now, your smartphone can become a validation unit with iValidation. The user simply opens the app and snaps a picture of their customer’s ticket.

e-Validation – Web Validation System

Now through a module in TIBA Smartpark management software, any computer can validate with a variety of validation types.