University Parking Solutions

Universities around the country are looking for ways to cut costs and maximize revenue streams in today’s changing economy.  Universities require a broad range of access and revenue control solutions to accommodate faculty, students, employees and rotating staff assignments.  TIBA’s intelligent PARCs system can provide Universities and Colleges flexible and affordable solutions to meet those objectives.

  Interfaces to campus-wide debit card solutions.

  Value priced software licensing for multiple facilities.

  Flexible features that supports unique fields in the database.

  Affordable and flexible validation solutions that range from desktop units, printable barcode labels to eValidations over the internet.

  Multi-facility support through our management software.

  All modes of operation; pay-on-foot, pay-in-lane, central cashiering, valet, exit cashiering and pre-pay.

  Lower total cost of ownership.  Lower consumable prices, system pricing and ongoing maintenance costs.

  Rugged stainless steel construction.

  Optional license plate recognition integration.

  Optional parking guidance systems.

  Supports nesting areas for students and employees.

  Supports VIP parking areas.