TIBA Ticketless PARC Solution
Written by Sarah Kahler

TIBA Ticketless PARC Solution: Transport for NSW, Australia


The public transportation department of Sydney Australia, Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), identified a need to free up parking spaces for commuters across their network of train and bus stations. To do this in a seamless manner that would not disrupt the customer experience, they decided to deliver a ticketless solution for entry and exit to their Park & Ride parking lots. To confirm that each parking customer has traveled on public transport, there was also a requirement to integrate with TfNSW’s smartcard ticket system – Opal card.

TfNSW, together with Wilson Parking, chose TIBA Parking Solutions to deliver this cutting-edge technology.


The Customer

To qualify for free Transport Park & Ride parking, the parking customer must:

• Be the holder of a valid Opal card
• Park in a dedicated Transport Park & Ride parking facility
• Tap on and tap off with their Opal card to complete a trip on public transport
• Use the same Opal card to tap out of the parking lot

The System

In order to deliver this customer experience, the TIBA ticketless system does the following:

• Parking location and space availability is displayed from an integrated LED sign to attract commuter parkers.
• On entry, TIBA’s license plate recognition (LPR) system reads each vehicle’s number plate to provide access, there is no need for the driver to stop and take a ticket. The process takes less than 2 seconds and is seamless to the driver.
• On exit, the LPR system matches the number plate to the vehicle’s entry time and calculates the applicable parking fee. If the customer has taken a valid trip on public transport using their Opal card, they simply tap their Opal card on the integrated reader and free exit is provided.
• Parking customers that have stayed longer than 20 minutes and have not used public transport simply pay the applicable fee with their credit card on the integrated readers at the exit. A contactless credit card reader is available to provide a “Tap & Go” experience for both commuter and non-commuter parking customers.
• Each TIBA Park & Ride location is managed with TIBA SPARK. This cloud-based management system provides remote control over single or multiple locations through a user-friendly graphical interface to monitor system status as well as remotely issuing tickets and/or opening barrier gates.


TfNSW is running the Park & Ride solution as a trial at selected locations, that have been identified through surveying as key areas to increase commuter parking availability.

• Ashfield Park & Ride is located approximately 11km to the west of Sydney’s central business district (CBD) and provides over 230 dedicated commuter bays with 2 entry lanes and 2 exit lanes.
• Kogarah Park & Ride is located approximately 18km to the south of Sydney’s CBD and provides over 250 dedicated commuter bays with 1 entry lane and 1 exit lane.
• Seven Hills Park & Ride is located approximately 35km to the northwest of Sydney’s CBD and provides over 1,500 dedicated commuter bays across 2 sections comprising of 2 entry lanes and 4 exit lanes.


TIBA’s world class technology in the pilot locations has brought a new ease of use for TfNSW parking customers. The management of each parking facility through TIBA’s SPARK system means that control of each location is fully scalable.

TfNSW manages nearly 600 million annual trips across their transport system. Their network of stations is serviced by nearly 400 parking stations.

Following a successful pilot program, the intention is to roll-out this ticketless solution to each of their networks ‘high-demand’ locations on a systematic basis.

Ticketless Lane Solution

Written by Rony Homossany

Caesars Entertainment – Centralized management and control solution

The challenge

For years, Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas hesitated to charge for self-parking since the company believed that this action would deter visitors from staying or shopping at their resorts. Today these resorts no longer have sufficient capacity to meet demand, making parking a major customer service issue for Caesars. Consequently, to ensure that guests would have an improved parking experience, Caesars chose to initiate a state-of-the-art parking management system.

The solution – A centralized command and control PARCS system

With vast experience in delivering advanced integrated parking solutions, TIBA Parking Systems was selected to provide a centralized Parking Access and Revenue Control Solution (PARCS) solution for 8 Caesars properties consisting of: 68 entry & exit lanes, in addition to 24 hotel lobby payment kiosks. At the core of the solution, is SmartPark Command; TIBA’s control-room ready PARCS solution from which service personnel can remote manage and control guest service situations in any of Caesars’ parking locations.

For Caesars, SmartPark Command fused TIBA’s innovative centralized PARCS solution together with two-way audio, CCTV and License Plate Recognition (LPR) into one holistic operational view for fast triaging of parking service situations.

The new SmartPark Command system includes:

  • Integration with each of the hotel’s Local Management Systems (LMS), enabling in/out parking access for guests, regardless of the number of vehicles, using their room keys at any of the self-parking facilities.
  • Varied, flexible self-parking, valet and discount pricing policies between and across all resort properties with parking fees payable at garage lane exits, lobby payment kiosks or as guest room charges.
  • Integration with Caesars’ Total Rewards loyalty program granting loyalty members tiered self-parking and valet service benefits using their membership cards as payment at lane exits, lobby payment kiosks or as part of their guest room charges.
  • Complementary self-parking for Nevada state residents up to 24 hours at any of the resort properties by using their valid driver’s license as an access credential at any entry or exit lane or at any payment kiosk. Beyond the 24hrs, the pricing policy of that resort facility will be automatically charged.
  • License plate recognition (LPR) to speed lane transactions as well as to identify abuse or misuse by pairing vehicle ID numbers with any guest access credential.
  • Over-Height sensors for the auto generation of oversized rate tickets for RVs, campers, and the like.
  • Two custom web portals for any of Caesars’ internal business departments to self-manage worker and contractor parking or to validate and print valet and self-parking visitor discounts.
  • All garage lanes, in addition to lobby pay kiosks are paired to CCTV cameras, so that personnel will automatically see the location of the service situation without the need to manually select which camera to view.

Business results:

New revenue for Caesars Entertainment, better utilization of company parking assets, lower operational costs per facility and a more positive experience for guests, visitors and employees.

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