TIBA Parking Systems
Written by Sarah Kahler

TIBA Parking Systems Receives IT Award of the Year from People and Computers

Tel-Aviv, Israel (February 20, 2019) – TIBA Parking Systems receives the IT Award of the Year from the IT organization People and Computers.

TIBA’s yearlong implementation of a new global ERP, CRM and PLM infrastructure, also known as the TIBA Boost Project, was selected as best in class in the “Core Information Management Systems” category.

TIBA was granted the award for “eliminating many manual processes, re-designing, solidifying, and streamlining company processes, improving productivity across the board and unified processes were deployed globally.”

The award was presented to TIBA in the prestigious annual industry event “People and Computers” on February 14, 2019 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Ilan Lev, TIBA Parking’s COO, and Ohad Lahav, TIBA Global Supply Chain Director, attended the event and received the award. TIBA was accompanied by representatives of the system integrator, NetCloud, the consulting company IT Solutions consultants, and the technology provider, NetSuite Oracle.



TIBA Parking Systems
TIBA Team and Partners Receiving IT Award of the Year

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