City of Pasadena

TIBA Parking Systems Expands Within California Market, Wins City of Pasadena’s Eight City Owned Garages With 58+ Lanes of PARCS Solutions

7 Mar 2019

Agreement Also Includes Multi-Year Contract for Support and Service

Pasadena, CA (March 7, 2019) - TIBA Parking Systems has been selected by the City of Pasadena to be their long-term parking technology partner. TIBA will create and install a comprehensive parking technology package to manage parking for 58+ lanes in eight of Pasadena’s city owned public garages.

TIBA Parking, one of the leading providers of parking access control systems throughout the U.S., will replace the existing antiquated hardware and software in the City of Pasadena’s facilities with the latest technologies in the PARCS industry, including frictionless access options, mobile payment choices, license plate recognition, EMV integration for debit/credit cards, and innovative E-Validation solutions.

In 2018, TIBA launched their California office and has since expanded their service area and staff to cover Northern and Southern California.

TIBA Parking Systems will provide the City of Pasadena:

  • Exclusive multi-year contract for the City of Pasadena’s owned facilities, including support and maintenance

  • Integration with the City parking facilities one to one platform for better management control and auditing

  • Installation of a Control Center for all facilities that can be expanded for future technologies

  • Camera technology in devices and lanes to enhance the visitor’s experience

  • Expedited entry and egress via a license plate as the primary access credential, with trial version of TIBA’s ParkBlue solution to allow access via BlueTooth (BLE)

Jon Bowsher, President of TIBA North & South America acknowledged, “We are very proud that the City of Pasadena selected TIBA Parking Systems as their partner to provide innovative software solutions for the next ten years. This opportunity reinforces TIBA’s history as a leading parking solutions provider that can deliver large complex customized solutions direct to the customer in Southern California, and across the world.”

Installation will commence in 2019.

City of Pasadena

TIBA Parking Systems

TIBA Parking Systems Receives IT Award of the Year from People and Computers

20 Feb 2019

Tel-Aviv, Israel (February 20, 2019) - TIBA Parking Systems receives the IT Award of the Year from the IT organization People and Computers.

TIBA’s yearlong implementation of a new global ERP, CRM and PLM infrastructure, also known as the TIBA Boost Project, was selected as best in class in the “Core Information Management Systems” category.

TIBA was granted the award for “eliminating many manual processes, re-designing, solidifying, and streamlining company processes, improving productivity across the board and unified processes were deployed globally.”

The award was presented to TIBA in the prestigious annual industry event “People and Computers” on February 14, 2019 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Ilan Lev, TIBA Parking’s COO, and Ohad Lahav, TIBA Global Supply Chain Director, attended the event and received the award. TIBA was accompanied by representatives of the system integrator, NetCloud, the consulting company IT Solutions consultants, and the technology provider, NetSuite Oracle.



TIBA Parking Systems
TIBA Team and Partners Receiving IT Award of the Year

The user-friendly facility management software provides straightforward solutions to operational challenges. It can be custom tailored for any type of property. SmartPark is scalable from a single facility to an entire city parking system. Its flexibility allows easy 3rd party integration.

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